Cosmetic Ingredients

For the cosmetic industry, For the cosmetic industry, we aim to provide a comprehensive solution, from functional ingredients to packaging materials.

Sunscreens are where we started, from which we have developed a comprehensive SUN CARE SOLUTION, with sun protection, sunless tanning, skin whitening, anti-aging, anti-oxidizing, nano materials, emollients, and liposomes.

Whether seeking a classical ingredient or brainstorming for a novel idea, you are welcome to talk with Uniproma
For a complete list of all ingredients, please see the below.

Organic UV AbsorbersAntioxidants/Antiaging agent
Inorganic UV AbsorbersNatural Extracts
SPF BoostersEmollients/Emulgators
Sunless TanningMild Surfactants
Skin WhitenersCarbomer Series
Complex Series