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Trade  Name:

PromaEssence® JOB
Catalog number: 430341

INCI Name:

Simmondsia Chinensis (Jojoba) Seed Oil

CAS No.:



Application: Can be directly used as individual skin and hair care products, it can moisturize skin, soften dry skin, improve skin recovery after bathing, clean and purify the skin, nails and cuticles (soften cuticle),also used in baby's skin care products; Improve hair quality, clear dandruff and etc.;
Used as base oil and massage oil of all kinds of compound essential oil in aromatherapy;
Is main formulation of hundreds of high-grade cosmetics, mostly added in high-grade cosmetic brands, is a great and multi-functional ingredient in fundamental cosmetics;
Can coordinate with skin grease, and cooperate with all kinds of oily/water-based emulsions, has extra effects in oxidative stability and moisturizing formulations;
Used in moisturizing agent, cream, sunscreen, soap, bath, massage, shampoo, hair conditioner, hair gel, mousse, lotion, eye shadow, medicine cream and etc.;
An efficient cleaner, conditioner, moisturizing agent and softener with hair and skin.