More than Customer Satisfaction

We understand customer satisfaction is not easy to win, but more difficult to achieve is that customers sit in their office without worrying about cargo in the ocean, sleep deep at night instead of overcoming time difference to call suppliers at midnight, promise to their end users with so much confidence because they are strongly backed, and enjoy the cooperation so much that the idea of satisfaction or not is forgotten.

Here in Uniproma, every staff put their heart into work, on every phone conversation, auditing trip, cargo delivery, documentation, and more, just to make the above happen.

more than customer satisfaction

Project-based Service System

When most people say chemical industry is about manufacturing, we believe service does matter. Therefore we built up this project-based service system to keep operations organized and the high quality maintained. This is an internal system that assures every case has a clear start and end, being handled according to standardized guidelines, yet with the flexibility required.