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3 April 2010: UNIPROMA will launch U-EAATM, a new stable VC antioxidant, at the upcoming In-Cosmetics Exhibition, in Paris, France. HOT

Following the success of U-MAPTM and U-SAPTM in Asia and overseas market, Uniproma is adding a new star to its skin-lightening series.

With chemical name Ethyl Ascorbyl Acid, the new antioxidant acts as an effective skin lightening agent and antioxidant that improves human skin tone and reduces age spots. It has also solved the structural instability of vitamin C, helping to prevent skin damage and wrinkles more enduringly. Meanwhile, its nice solubility in both water and oil offers formulators more freedom in choosing other ingredients.

In the skin-lightening series Uniproma has already 10mt annual capacity on U-MAPTM & U-SAPTM. With the latest idea of 360° Sun Care, U-EAATM is also expected to strengthen the sun care solution.

3 April 2010: UNIPROMA will unveil its new 360° Sun Care Solution range at the upcoming In-Cosmetics Exhibition, in Paris, France. HOT

Core of the range is consolidation of the SUNSAFE series UV filters, which Uniproma has been known for, and the U-MAP/U-SAP series stabilized VC antioxidants, which the company successfully launched at In-Cosmetics 2008 and 2009.

On stand C53, the company will demonstrate a range of skin care ingredients, including sunscreens that are organic or inorganic, UVA effective or UVB effective,and antioxidants.

Uniproma reported that sun care today is more complicated and diversified than just one or two sunscreens. Consumers are looking for all band sun protection, skin lightening, or anti-aging formulations. According to Uniproma sales, over 20% of inquiries on the antioxidants are related to sun care. Therefore, the company developed this new idea, consolidating the two series and some other ingredients, to create a solution.

‘We believe this is a huge trend worth investment. Back in R&D we have several projects in development for this solution.’ Uniproma said with confidence.

1 Mar 2010: Meeting Uniproma at In-Cosmetics in Paris, 13th-15th Apr 2010 HOT

Following the nice meeting with worldwide partners at In-Cosmetics 2009 Munich, Uniproma will continue to exhibit at In-Cosmetics. From 13th-15th Apr 2010, we will be welcoming you at our booth C53 in Paris.

Jun 2008: Regional Distributors welcome

Uniproma is now looking for partnership from ambitious cosmetic ingredient distributors, as exclusive regional agents/distributors for our SUNSAFE series. If you are in cosmetic ingredient distribution, have comprehensive sales network and warehousing in your local area, which could be a region, a country, or several countries, please do not hesitate to talk with us!

We are looking forward to bringing the benefit of SUNSAFE to the world together with you. Thanks for your attention.

1 Dec 2007: Meeting Uniproma at In-Cosmetics in Amsterdam, 15th-17th Apr 2008

Uniproma will continue to exhibit at In-Cosmetics. From 15th to 17th Apr 2008, we will be welcoming you at our booth M205 in Amsterdam.

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